Sandoval County sheriff tries to calm gun owners

Posted at: 02/06/2013 9:33 PM
By: Maria Guerrero, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Some Sandoval County residents are worried the government will take their guns, so they are calling for a rebellion and want the sheriff to stand with them.

Many residents in the "City of Vision" have a clear view on the gun control debate.
"This is a belief of our country and it's unconstitutional for you to take away our guns," said Rio Rancho resident and gun owner Nate Johnson.
But that's exactly what Johnson and others think will happen.
Sandoval County Sheriff Doug Wood says he's gotten almost 20 calls and emails from residents, worried the government is going to confiscate their guns.
But some gun owners aren't buying it.
"I've seen it on the Internet, I've seen people send me emails and it's just baffling to me either people don't understand the English language or they're just hearing what they want to hear, which is fear," said gun owner Joseph Conti of Rio Rancho.
In a letter, the sheriff says he supports background checks and direct access to mental health databases for law enforcement.
But he adds, "I certainly would never support the taking of guns from law-abiding citizens in defiance of our constitutional rights." 
Those writing the sheriff are asking him to stand with them in defiance.
"I believe that it is premature, he says, to promote rebellion as some have done, in response to actions that have not been threatened," said Wood in the letter.
When asked whether he's nervous the government is really going to take his guns, one man said, "Not particularly because I trust Sheriff Wood. I know the man. He's a good guy. So I don't think there's an immediate problem."
Johnson's not so sure and he says he's ready to act.
"If they did take it away you would probably see another Civil War. You probably would and honestly, I would be right there. I'd probably be right there," said Johnson.
The Sandoval County Sheriff's Office says it's not holding a gun buy-back program because they simply don't have the funds in their budget. But they will accept any weapons, no questions asked.