KOB 4, community remembers beloved weatherman

Posted at: 02/07/2013 7:24 PM
By: Eddie Garcia, KOB Eyewitness News 4

We're remembering a good friend of ours, and yours. Long time KOB 4 Meteorologist Bill Eisenhood passed away.

His family says it looks like he died of natural causes. Bill was 69 years old.

Eisenhood loved forecasting the weather and loved New Mexico. He was a legend in his own time - when a new "kid-on-the-block" named Steve Stucker came to KOB 4.

"When I moved here in the early 80's Eisenhood was the weather guy in the market and I loved him right away," said KOB Forecaster Steve Stucker. "I you can imagine Robin Williams doing the weather, that was kind of Bill Eisenhood," Stucker continued.

KOB anchor Tom Joles worked with Eisenhood for more than a decade.

"The guy was super bright, he was really passionate and he was incredibly funny - he made everything funny - even when he was cranky, he was funny," said Joles.

Joles said he remembers Bill as being funny, even when he wasn't trying, like a certain time when he was introducing a band at Balloon Fiesta.

"He was supposed to introduce 3 Dog Night and he got a little confused and he gets up there and he says - ladies and gentle man 2-Live-Crew and that was the time that 2livecrew was pretty controversial and people started booing - Bill had no idea what was happening and it seems to me that we pooled our money and I bought Bill a pie to console him," said Joles.

Eisenhood's dedication to the weather was no joke, still he did thing's his way.

"He was a producer's nightmare. You'd give him three minutes to do weather and he'd take five and never apologize," said Joles.

Eisenhood had his ups and his downs but his three sons were always the love of his life.

"He was so proud of his boys - his boys have done so well and he'd always tell me about his battle with alcohol," said Joles.

"He'd do well for a long period of time and then fall back into it - get back up and try again," Stucker added.

Eisenhood was fired from KOB 4 in 1996 after getting an Aggravated DWI.

He spent the rest of his life battling his alcoholism and would always talk about how many years it had been since he took his last drink.

"I miss him a lot, I've never come across anyone like him on the air and he taught me a lot - I do miss him," said Stucker.