Fire dept. seeks to increase fleet

Posted at: 02/15/2013 5:50 PM
By: staff

The Albuquerque Fire Department wants to increase its fleet in what it calls an effort save more lives.

The plan would double the number of paramedic units in the department from 20 to 42.

The department responded to almost 80,000 emergencies last year.

Nearly 80 percent were for emergency medical needs.

Mayor Richard Berry and Fire Chief James Breen says the expansion will get fire paramedics to emergencies faster - and save lives.

"Let's say your loved one is having a heart attack, this means we'll be able to get lifesaving drugs and medical expertise to their door quicker, and of course will improve their chances of surviving a traumatic event,” Berry said.

The department is working on an expansion funding proposal to present to city councilors. If approved, the program is expected to be implemented sometime this summer.