ABQ special election ballots not without problems

Posted at: 02/19/2013 6:27 PM
By: Joseph Lynch, KOB Eyewitness News 4

The last of the ballots for Albuquerque's special election were set to be mailed out by today. It's a mail-in election. Already we're finding out about problems with the ballots that are being mailed back in.

If the petitioners have their way, the minimum percentage of the vote a winning candidate would need would go from 40% to 50% in the city of Albuquerque elections. But this election about elections has some problems. City Clerk Amy Bailey told us about a common mistake people are making.  

"Ballots that we're getting are- they're coming in a pretty steady volume. There is a small amount that are being returned without being signed. The voter’s oath is on the reverse side of the mailing envelope."

It's having to mail an envelope with your signature on the outside of the envelope-- that doesn't set well with lifelong voter Sid Webb.

"These elections things should be combined cost wise if nothing else. They keep telling us how short we are of money. The city is in the red. And they keep coming up with ways to spend taxpayer money."

Amy Bailey said the special election is budgeted to cost $600,000. By law there wasn't a choice to put this to a vote later; it had to be done, according to Bailey.

"We really didn't have a choice of holding over this question to the October regular municipal election so under the charter we had to have the special election.

Those mailed out ballots have to be returned to the city clerk’s office by Election Day- March 11. If you haven't gotten a ballot, or have any questions whether yours was signed and received, contact the Albuquerque city clerk.