APS students jumping rope for heart association

Posted at: 02/20/2013 6:35 PM
Updated at: 02/20/2013 6:37 PM
By: Joseph Lynch, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Kids at nearly 40 APS Elementary Schools are jumping rope this month for the American Heart Association.

It's called JUMP4HEART, and they've even managed to get a national champion jump roper from right here in Albuquerque to help with the fundraiser.

Los Ranchos Elementary School has its own competitive jump rope team. Called the "Rope-n-Roadrunners"-- They do more than double-dutch on this squad, said Coach Todd Aldrich.

"Our top kids are trying to jump 6 times a second so their goal is 150 times on one foot, which would be 300 times a minute."

Champion jump roper Natalie Castillo likes being on this team.

"It's something that I really like to do, ‘cause it kind of brings all of us girls in their together and we feel like a big family."

All that jumping is coming in handy for this year's JUMP4HEART Campaign. 10-year-old national champion Castillo isn't letting a little ankle injury get in her way. Not when there are people in need.

"I just feel proud of myself that I'm helping them ‘cause if I were sick like them I would like it if people were raising money for me."

Coach Aldrich thinks they'll make the team goal.

"They go to their parents, their aunts and uncles, grandparents. I have kids that go to their church and they'll ask their church. I have kids that go to Walmart, Walgreens and they'll hangout outside and ask for donations. If every kid hits $30 we'll hit our goal of $10,000 dollars."

If you'd like to learn more about JUMP4HEART, click here.