School bus driver under investigation

Posted at: 02/20/2013 10:14 PM
By: Eddie Garcia, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A school bus driver slams on the brakes in the middle of an Albuquerque street; not to avoid a crash, but to keep the kids on the bus quiet.

The results are some sore kids and now - an APS investigation.

Robbie Sanchez says his daughter Sadie came home from Adams Middle School Tuesday afternoon complaining about a sore shoulder.

She told him she banged her shoulder when a substitute bus driver took them on a wild ride that morning.

"I heard the kid in front of me, he smacked his face really hard on the seat and me and my friend we hit our shoulders on the seat," said Sadie Sanchez.

Sanchez said he wanted to verify his daughter's story, so Wednesday morning he walked to the bus stop to talk to the other kids who were on that bus.

KOB Eyewitness News 4 talked to some of those students after school.

"Whenever he braked I slammed hard, I didn't even know what was happening and I hurt my neck," said Jasmine Lovato.

"It felt like we got in a crash or he hit a hard wall," said Jasmine Chavez.

According to the kids on the bus, the driver wasn't avoiding a crash. 

They say he admitted slamming on the brakes because some boys were flicking paper wads at him.

"He just got up to yell at us and cuss us out," said Sanchez.   

The Herrera Bus Company owns the bus and employs the driver.

"He needs to go. He obviously doesn't need to be behind the wheel of any vehicle much less a vehicle transporting a bunch of kids," said Sadie’s father, Robbie Sanchez.

Sanchez says there is no excuse to endanger and entire bus full of kids.

KOB wanted to know what APS was doing about it.

The district told KOB it told The Herrera Bus Company that the driver is not allowed to drive children until the district completes its investigation.

We are working to get reaction from the Herrera Bus Company. The spokesperson wasn't available when we called Wednesday afternoon.

We will continue trying.