Storm brings much-needed moisture

Posted at: 02/21/2013 5:17 PM
Updated at: 02/21/2013 5:21 PM
By: Eddie Garcia, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A winter storm hit New Mexico bringing with it some much needed snow.

It was a welcome sight to many, especially those in the Albuquerque metro.

KOB Eyewitness News 4 checked to see if these recent storms will even put a dent in the drought.

The snow storm was generous in some parts of Albuquerque - the best snow seen this year - knocking down what was about to be one of the worst winters on record.

Chuck Jones with the National Weather Service is monitoring the drought in New Mexico and says even with this snow things are looking bleak.

"That's not enough to take away a drought, we're going to need a lot more precipitation both snow and rainfall through the spring time," said Jones.

Wednesday's snow didn't even put a dent in the drought.

"This snow event really just kept things at status quo, it kept it from getting worse," said Jones.

But it still can get worse.

Jones says if we have another dry winter like last year it will be a rough spring.   

"We're looking at another fire season that's going to be bad unfortunately," said Jones.