Farmington mayor wants email requirement for officials

Posted at: 03/07/2013 6:57 PM
By: Ashley McElroy

One Farmington city councilor refuses to get email. She doesn't even have a computer in her office. But now, the Farmington mayor wants to get a law on the books requiring officials to have email.

"I don't think the public is suffering because I don't have a computer,” said City Councilor Mary Fischer.

And that's the stance Farmington the city councilor is sticking to.

We reported that the mayor of Farmington requested Fischer receive a city issued email.  It's been set up but she doesn't have a computer and she wants the email account deleted.

"This issue has become more complex than just a simple email, but it also calls into question, what powers does the mayor possess?

On Tuesday, mayor Tommy Roberts asked the city council if he could propose a resolution to require city officials to have email.

The council said yes -- but that doesn't mean they agree.

"There is no authorization in our city code for the mayor to dictate to a city councilor what to do," said Fischer

In a statement sent to us by the mayor he says the reason for the resolution is "a commonly used and widely accepted means of communication in today's world... there is no reason why an elected official should not make it available... it is simply a matter of good governance."

But for Mary Fischer, she wants to keep things simple, and that means a life without email, no matter what the mayor says.

The council will vote on the email resolution next Tuesday. Councilor Fisher tells us if the council does pass the resolution, and makes her keep the email account, she'll go to the state attorney general to stop them.