3 arrested after drugs found in Pueblo County jail

Posted at: 03/07/2013 7:49 PM
By: The Associated Press

PUEBLO, Colo. (AP) - Pueblo County sheriff's deputies have arrested three people after drugs were found in a restroom at the county jail.
Deputies say it appears inmate Guy Acosta asked 31-year-old Sarah Wolfe to find a way to hide narcotics in a bathroom in the jail lobby. Investigators didn't immediately find any narcotics there Wednesday but waited. Wolfe later arrived at the jail with 47-year-old Ronald Boyken, who went to the restroom while Wolfe waited in a hallway. Deputies immediately searched the restroom after Boyken left and found narcotics.
Acosta, Wolfe and Boyken were all being held Thursday on a $50,000 bond.
Wolfe faces conspiracy charges while Acosta and Boyken face charges including introducing contraband.
Acosta was already in custody on a felony contempt warrant.

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