Report Card: New Mexico's gov't transparency average

Posted at: 03/11/2013 11:55 AM
By: Staff

A non-profit organization which aims to make government transparent and accountable has given the New Mexico legislature a 'C' letter grade overall for how it makes information available.

The Sunlight Foundation's Transparency Report Card scored New Mexico's legislature on a 2 through -2 scale in five areas of transparency.

The state received 0's for it's completeness, timeliness and ease of access. That means the state provides a full access to bills, legislators, votes and committees, it also updates its website frequently, and was deemed average by those accessing that information.

The New Mexico legislature received a -1 on its machine readability meaning its site had information that was much more difficult than average to collect. The state received the demark because the legislature's votes on bills can only be viewed in PDF format.

The state received a 0 for it's use of commonly owned standards. That means the state legislature provides bills in PDF or HTML format and nothing better.

The Sunlight Foundation awarded the legislature a 2 for its permanence meaning data is available in a permanent location and archived for a reasonable amount of time.

Kansas, Texas, Washington, Connecticut, Georgia, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Arkansas all received 'A's.

Colorado, Nebraska, Rhode Island, Alabama, Kentucky and Massachusetts received 'F's.

Read the full report here.