Pay your parking tickets online

Posted at: 03/14/2013 12:41 PM


Mayor Richard J. Berry announces the availability for people to pay their parking tickets online using the website.

"Instead of having to mail the fine, or come downtown to the treasurer's office, you can now pay online," Mayor Berry said. "This is another example of offering a quality basic service to people."

The system has a search engine that shows photographic proof of violation. This feature allows the citizen to see the citation, look up all outstanding citations as well as the photos of the violation. This last feature is very important to the citizen in helping them determine whether to challenge the citation in court or simply pay it

"By showing a picture of the violation and providing easy access to pay the citation, we hope to make the issue easier to resolve," Municipal Development Director Michael Riordan said. "These newest features gives us another tool in the parking enforcement world."

Since soft launching on December 7th, nearly 13-thousand citations have been issued. Nearly 1200 citations have been paid online collecting $21,290 in fines as compared to before the online option. 

The direct link to pay parking tickets online can be found at