The state basketball tournament brings out the best...and worst.

Posted at: 03/16/2013 1:40 PM
By: J.P. Murrieta, KOB Eyewitness Sports 4

The state basketball tournament brings out the best… and worst… in people.  Let’s start with the positive.  I love seeing the enjoyment of teenage kids running onto the floor with pure excitement after winning.  These kids are on the biggest stage of their lives up to this point.  They’ve worked hard all year for this moment and will remember it for the rest of their lives.

And then…. here come some fans.

I am aware that a select number of fans do not represent an entire population.  But we need to do a better job of policing those who have no class!  Here’s what I’ve heard and seen this week while sitting courtside for dozens of high school basketball games this week.

A Roswell High School student shouts out “She’s got AIDS! (clap.. clap.. clap clap clap) while an athlete walks off the floor with a cut arm.  This student yelled it right in front of a person (who I was told) was a Roswell administrator.  Nothing was said.

This morning at the St. Michael’s/Hope Christian AAA Championship the classless behavior by some continued.  About a dozen St. Michael’s students held up letters spelling out vulgarities.  To keep this somewhat clean, I’ll tell you one involved bovine excrement while the other was a slang term which can also mean small cat  (I think you get the idea).  This happened not once, but multiple times!  I know I may be old fashioned but that’s not acceptable (especially from a Catholic school base!).

Where are the administrators or parents to say “Take those down!” or “That’s not right!”?  The school should be embarrassed!  Again, those dozen students holding up letters don’t represent the coach or players on the floor, but it is a poor reflection on your school and you should have done something about it.  I guarantee among the thousands of St. Michael’s fans on hand for the game there was at least one teacher, administrator, coach or even parent who could have gone over and reprimanded those students.  Instead, they chose not to and the behavior continued (this time to spell out “15 Sucks”).

If you look on the St. Michael’s website, it says on the home page they operate “together by association” according to the five core principles, that include, RESPECT FOR ALL PERSONS.

Not in this case.

I understand cheering on your team, but whatever happened to respecting your fellow competitor?

It doesn’t look good for some of the future leaders of tomorrow, then again, it’s also not very reassuring for many of the parents of today who continue to let it go on.