Velocity Project helps with economic development

Posted at: 03/18/2013 7:12 PM
By: Joseph Lynch, KOB Eyewitness News 4

You can't help but think local in Santa Fe. The city started the "Velocity Project" to kick start economic development and launch the next big thing. we found out one of the next big things is something that's pretty good to eat.

Santa Fe's Velocity Project has P. Nutty and Company founder Brad Bealmear jazzed and ready to make his mark on the multi-billion dollar energy bar market.

"Why not? I mean- look at what's out there. Look at what's being bought right now. It's a good bar."

Bealmear is grateful for the lessons learned and the mentorship the Velocity Project has given him. That's what the project does... Grow local business with the help that's already in the community. Bealmear says you can't do it alone.  

"I'm not just looking for a venture capitalist- which is much more money than I need anyway. But an Angel investor who really loves the bars and getting New Mexico energy bars out across the country and around the world."

Planit Mapper is another 1 of the 7 businesses selected. They'll offer a free and mobile web application designed to make adventure and outdoor enthusiasts planning fun and social.

Co-Founder of PlanitMapper Haj Khalsa wants to start in New Mexico and grow from there.

"For us the focus right now is on New Mexico and then Southern Colorado and then all of Colorado and the the mountain states west. California, Oregon and Washington."

If you want to check out the "next big thing" in person, Saturday is "Demo Day".  That's when the seven companies selected for the "Velocity Project" will show off their products.

It's open to the public. For more information visit