Stranger helps teen recover stolen video game system

Posted at: 03/22/2013 9:28 PM
By: Jill Galus, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Photo: Daniel Drake
Photo: Daniel Drake

A teenager was sitting on the bus, minding his own business, when police said out of nowhere another passenger snatched his PlayStation Portable right out of his hands.

The 13-year-old wasn't giving it up without a chase, and a brave business owner stepped in to help.

Clarence Valdez owns Krisp & Klean Carwash near 4th St. NW and Montano.  He gave KOB Eyewitness News 4 a play-by-play of what happened to the PSP.

The day began like any other at the shop, Valdez said, until the teen from the bus showed up, frantic and freaked out.

"I think he was more worried about, you know, his grandparents or somebody being upset he lost his stuff," Valdez said. 

Daniel Drake allegedly snatched the teen's PSP.  Valdez said Drake ran past his business.

"As I came around the building to see where this guy was, he threw it in the dumpster," Valdez explained.  "He just did this thing right here and chucked it over like this."

Valdez said, at that moment, he knew what he had to do next.

"I caught him right here," Valdez described.  "I didn't like pick him up, body slam him or anything, but I was able to knock him down.  He started acting like he was throwing up and everything, and like, I was getting grossed out and I just kind of got off of him, and he took off running."

After running for a couple blocks, police caught him in front of the nearby Dollar General.

"It could have been me that he tried to rob here, or my friends or anybody in the whole neighborhood, so we're just glad we were able to get him off the street," Valdez said.

The boy did get his PSP back, police said, but it was scratched and slightly damaged.