Recycling bins coming to local residents

Posted at: 03/25/2013 6:41 PM
By: Jill Galus, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Thousands of bright blue plastic recycling bins are stockpiled inside of a dirt lot in the Northeast Heights near Wyoming and Copper.

Paul Perea is among the 30,000 households that already have a blue bin for curbside recycling.

"We love it," Perea said.  "The convenience."

The city is hoping the remaining 150,000 who will soon have one of these carts beside their brown trash bins will love and use it too.

"Not only do we expect the participation rate to go up because people are excited about the carts and it's convenient, but the amount of material each household can recycle will also go up dramatically," Jill Holbert with the Solid Waste Management Dept. said.

Inside of the lot there are parts for about 80,000 of those carts waiting to be assembled.  Sounds like a daunting task but the problem is the containers cannot be delivered until there is a place for all the materials to go.

Recyclables will include juice boxes, milk cartons, and small electronics, like cell phones and digital cameras, to name a few.

People were hard at work at the Freedman Recycling plant where all of the collected recyclables will be processed.  Tolbert said they are hoping to have the plant completed by May 1st.

"We need to coincide the roll out with the processing center up and running," Tolbert said.

While simple recycling may seem a little behind the times, Perea said, it is good Albuquerque is catching up.

"It is crazy but at least they're doing it and it's something that needs to be done," Perea said.