St. Pius students bag meals to feed hungry

Posted at: 03/27/2013 8:43 PM
Updated at: 03/27/2013 8:47 PM
By: Amber LaVail, KOB Eyewitness News 4

St. Pius students were hard at work today making a difference against hunger.

KOB Eyewitness News 4 was there as students bagged and boxed food that will go to feed New Mexicans and hungry people living across the world.

According to Assistant Student Activities Director Mike Mares, "It is kids helping kids who are hungry so it's a really good thing what we have going on."

Alicia Eiler, Director of Community Service says, "As Catholics we are called to serve others, we are called to be aware and give back to the community." 

Elementary, middle, and high school students all helped out.

Students think, "It feels really good to know that we are helping."

This was an intricate part of the overall experience of what it is like to be a St. Pius high school student.

This is the fifth year St. Pius students have done this.

Each time students decide where to send the food outside New Mexico. This year they have decided to help the hungry in Haiti.

The 200,000 boxed meals will be split between Haiti and New Mexico because according to Eiler, “They are not even close to having recovered from the hurricane and the earthquake and yet the world has more or less forgotten about them."

Each of these boxes will feed one person for seven months.

MAD President Christina Young says, "I think it is just amazing what we are able to do and how we are able to bring the school together."

The experience binds together the community and the students, one food bag at a time.