Two suspected serial burglars back behind bars

Posted at: 04/02/2013 10:25 PM
Updated at: 04/02/2013 10:37 PM
By: Maria Guerrero, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A couple of suspected serial burglars are back behind bars.

Investigators say they found $20,000 worth of stolen items in their apartment in late March.

Police are now trying to give the items back to their rightful owners.

A room at the Albuquerque Police Department’s Foothills Substation on Lomas Boulevard is filled with jewelry, electronics and the latest gadgets.

Allen Bergeron and his girlfriend Angela Nemechek are accused in burglaries dating back to November. The criminal complaint says a witness told police both were supporting a heroin addiction.

Police re-arrested both suspects Monday after they allegedly threatened the person they think tipped off police to the home burglaries.

Albuquerque police say the items in their possession were taken from 13 homes and one car throughout Northeast Albuquerque.

Police says they recovered items from the couple’s home. Other items were sold to a local pawn shop.

APD’s Foothills Substation is looking to reunite the rightful owners with their property.

Elsa Cruz just claimed some items stolen from her Alvarado Drive home in February.

She says burglars stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry as well as some electronics.

Although she’s still upset, she’s putting things into perspective.

"You say oh maybe it's God telling me: that's enough. You don't need all that stuff,” said Cruz.

Three miles away on Madison Street, Sephira Ryman says her mom still haven’t recovered valuables stolen in December, specifically silver, engraved Nambe bowls.

"A lot of the Nambe ware was more sentimental. It was my grandmothers. so if we could get that back it would mean a lot to my mom," said Ryman.

The burglaries have also changed the two residents.

Cruz immediately had wrought iron installed on her windows and door.

And Ryman’s mom adopted a dog for added protection.

She's a good guard dog,” said Ryman of the dog.

If you believe your property is among the items police have collected, you can call APD’s Foothills Substation (505) 332-5240  to begin the process of recovering your property.