Forrest Fenn speaks out about charges against treasure hunter

Posted at: 04/05/2013 9:18 PM
Updated at: 04/05/2013 10:20 PM
By: Staff

The Santa Fe man behind a nationwide treasure hunt is speaking out - after the state’s decision to charge a man for looking for his treasure.

KOB Eyewitness News 4 told you about a man in Pecos facing charges for digging near a descanso looking for Forrest Fenn's box of gold and jewels.

Fenn wrote KOB 4 an email saying treasure hunting "brings families together, and gets kids off the street, out of their game rooms and away from their texting machines.”

Fenn then goes on to talk about the man accused of digging for his treasure.

“It is beyond me why anyone would want to prosecute that man. If I were his judge, I would fine him ten bucks and tell him not to do it again,” Fenn said in the email. “What has happened to our basic senses?"

Fenn says he will not comment on whether the treasure is buried or hidden, and whether it is on private or public land because that will give away to many clues.

Forrest Fenn Email