Judge decides Casaus trial can proceed

Posted at: 04/09/2013 10:51 AM
Updated at: 04/09/2013 7:35 PM
By: KOB.com staff

Photo: Adam Casaus
Photo: Adam Casaus

Witnesses to a fatal crash testified in a preliminary hearing Tuesday for an Albuquerque police sergeant accused of vehicular homicide.

Sgt. Adam Casaus is charged with vehicular homicide in the Feb. 10 death of Air National Guard soldier Ashley Browder, 20.

She died early that morning in a crash at Paseo del Norte and Eagle Ranch.

Her sister, Lindsay Browder, was driving and was seriously injured.

A accident report prepared by the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office said Sgt. Casaus told police he was chasing a possible reckless or drunk driver when he ran a red light and crashed into the Browder’s car.

But the report said police could find no evidence that Sgt. Casaus was on duty or chasing anyone when he crashed, and recommended he be charged.

The Browder family released this statement Tuesday through the District Attorney’s office:

"The Browders are very thankful for the outpouring of support from the community and appreciate the media's respect for their privacy while Lindsay heals and the criminal process takes it course."

After listening to the testimonies of a half-dozen witnesses, the judge decided there was enough evidence to take the case to trial.