Santa Fe police search for soda machine thief

Posted at: 04/11/2013 6:43 PM
By: Jill Galus, KOB Eyewitness News 4

People will steal from just about anywhere, but Santa Fe police are after a man who is taking money from an unusual place.

The only time anyone typically hangs around a soda vending machine is to buy a drink, but Santa Fe police said a thief they are after does not want soda, but rather the money everybody is dropping inside.
Surveillance video released by police department from inside a soda vending machine shows just how easy the thief takes what he wants. The video was from inside a Wal-Mart off Cerrillos. In less than a minute, the guy in the video, who has not been identified as of Thursday afternoon, pops open the front of the machine, takes the money and puts the front of the machine back as if nothing ever happened. 
Police believe the man has stolen from 16 soda vending machines across Santa Fe since December, according to a report.
Damage to each machine every time one is cracked open is about $600.
Police also think the man in the video may have been involved in another vending machine theft Wednesday night. This time, police said, the whole machine was taken. The machine is worth $2,500. Police suspect the same man in the video and are concerned he might be working with an accomplice.
Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Casey Salazar at (505) 216-4877 or (505) 955-5299.