New recycling center scheduled to open May 15

Posted at: 04/17/2013 7:08 PM
Updated at: 04/17/2013 7:09 PM
By: Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4

They could shoot one of those old school James Bond fight scenes in this place.

Albuquerque’s huge new recycling center, set to open May 15, is almost 90,000 square feet and full of stairways, ramps and massive machinery – a great place for a 007 battle with goons from SMERSH or SPECTRE.

But the fight here is against waste and for the environment. The price tag is $22 million, but Friedman Recycling is picking up that tab, in return for a slice of the revenues that come in from the recycled stuff that gets made into new stuff.

“ The program is really built to divert a lot of material from the waste stream, out of the landfill, into the recycling stream where we can recapture it and get it back out to market and have it manufactured into something new,” said Friedman CEO Morris Friedman.

“We had a problem prior to this based on not enough capacity to process the material,” said city Solid Waste chief Jill Holbert. “We could pick it up but then we had to take it somewhere to get it recycled, so the partnership with Friedman allows us to have really unlimited capacity.”

Talk about capacity – when they get the plant up and running they’ll be moving anywhere between 150 and 200 tons of stuff every day.

The project has employed about 125 construction workers. When the plant opens next month there will be about 35 recycling workers on the job, with projections for that to grow eventually to about 75 employees.

None of them with double-o prefixes.