Homeschooling parents upset over library policy

Posted at: 04/30/2013 8:05 PM
Updated at: 04/30/2013 8:59 PM
By: Ashley McElroy, KOB Eyewitness News 4

A group of Farmington homeschooling moms were kicked out of a public library, and some say they're upset and confused.

Miranda Meador has been homeschooling her kids for six years and brings her kids to the library.

It's library policy that they sign up for a scheduled time as a group, but Meador says a couple of weeks ago, she and another mom missed their slot.

"I was okay, that's great I'll just show the girls around and we'll go look at any other books we want to look at and do our own things and she informed us that we were a group and had to leave," Meador said.

It's something that didn't sit well with Meador's friends who are also home school moms.

"If their school day has ended and they're meeting here as moms with their kids because we liked to keep our kids socialized, they're involved in PE and sports and all the other things public school kids are involved in if they're just meeting here as mom I don't think we should be threatened by the library to be thrown out," said Kimberly Moore.  

They are angry about the policy and confused by it. So, Meador and her friends showed up to the library in solidarity Tuesday.

At first library staff told them to leave, but when the moms insisted they weren't a group, they were allowed to stay.

The home school moms aren't sure what will happen the next time they go to the library.

"I think they need to say exactly what a group means not just an opened ended policy that can be interpreted any way that person feels," one of the mothers said.

When KOB Eyewitness News 4 called the ibrary to find out more about the policy, our calls weren't returned as of Tuesday afternoon.