Albuquerque woman wants city to ban pit bulls

Posted at: 05/07/2013 10:34 PM
By: Chris Ramirez, KOB Eyewitness News 4

An Albuquerque woman wants city lawmakers to ban pit bulls. She’s upset because twice in the past two years pit bulls have broken into her yard and attacked and killed her small dogs. Dena Estrada spoke to Albuquerque City Councilors this week urging them to look at cities that already have similar bans.

"I took it upon myself to take my daughter to the city council meeting because I think the City of Albuquerque needs to see that there are new laws enacted,” Estrada said. “We need to follow Denver's footsteps and ban pit bulls in the city of Albuquerque."

Pit bull advocates warn passing laws that are breed specific is a bad idea. They point to statistics that show the majority of dog attacks come from unneutered males, not one particular breed.