Workforce Connections looking to move to Bernalillo

Posted at: 05/07/2013 10:52 PM
By: Maria Guererro, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Unemployed people in Sandoval County will likely have to travel to a different location to get help finding a job.

Workforce Connections says it simply has to find a cheaper and more convenient place to do business and thinks it has found the right place in the Town of Bernalillo.
"Looking for work is actually been very tough," said Angelica Abeyta.
Although it’s been a struggle finding a job, the mother of five is thankful help has been close by.
"I'll come like 3 times a week," she said of the Sandoval County Workforce Connections office in Rio Rancho.
But her five minute drive will likely turn into a longer trip in July.
She and other unemployed Sandoval County residents may have to drive to the Town of Bernalillo to take advantage of several services offered at the office.
“With a big ol' 4 x 4 like I have it's impossible, 10 miles to the gallon. Where it sits now I think is fine," said Cody Matleck.
The five year lease at its current location at 661 Quantum Road NW is up at the end of June.
Workforce Connections wants to move to the 550 Rail Runner station in the Town of Bernalillo.
It says the cost of their new lease at the train station would be cut in half, saving about $75,000 tax payer dollars.

It would also allow enough space for job fairs and be more accessible for clients from all over the county.
"We hear it all the time from our clients is that they do not have public transportation," said Art Martinez with Workforce Connections. “Sandoval County is a big location it has many pueblos. We serve as far away as Cuba for example, Jemez, etc. One of the things this office does is provide, public transportation for all locations."
Martinez says the state is already anticipating federal cuts related to Sequestration in the new fiscal year starting July 1st, meaning they have no choice but to save money.
"We're trying to provide the best service possible for the least amount of money, because if we continue on the path that we're on, we will have to cut back services," he said.
This is not a done deal. The lease has not been signed, said Martinez. Workforce Connections is still going over it, but does expect to sign it soon.