Kids compete in Zia Solar Car Race

Posted at: 05/10/2013 4:26 PM
Updated at: 05/10/2013 5:34 PM
By: Staff

Albuquerque children got to see months of their hard work come to fruition.

Students got to watch their hand-built, solar-powered model cars race against each other at Explora in Old Town Albuquerque Friday morning.

The event was part of the 2013 Zia Solar Car Race.

“They have a kit, they learn how to put a car together, but they can improvise on the design and do different things along those lines. But a key takeaway they get is how to work together as a unit,” organizer Aubrey Johnson said.

PNM employees also got involved. They got to help the students design, build and ultimately race their solar cars.