City opens new section of Bosque Trail

Posted at: 05/10/2013 4:56 PM
Updated at: 05/10/2013 5:23 PM
By: Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Just in time for the weekend, a new improved section of Albuquerque’s popular Bosque Trail is open for bikers and hikers, runners and horses. But the fire danger is high, in spite of Friday afternoon’s rain showers.

Question: Are local leaders nuts by inviting everybody to come on down and check out the new trail?

Answer: No - at least they don’t think so. The idea is that the people who hike and bike and run and ride the Bosque treasure it and love it and they’re the first ones to spot smoke and call it in.

“The likelihood of a fire, a large fire, to happen within our area is great,” said Bernalillo County Fire Marshal Chris Gober during a dedication ceremony for the new stretch of paved, graded trail that runs south from the Barelas Bridge to Rio Bravo Boulevard. “I hope you guys take all precautions and help us protect the beautiful Bosque. If you do see somebody in there with a fire or smoke or anything, please don’t hesitate to call 911.”

We found the pedestrian walking experience very easy and pleasant along the new trail, but what about those spandex-wearing helmet-heads who blow past you on two wheels, barking “on your left - on your left!”

Yep, cyclists we talked with loved it, too.

“I use it on a daily basis to ride to work and I love the improvements,’ said Nolan Bennett. “It’s much smoother now and it’s a pleasure to ride. I use it for recreation and to ride to work.”

“These trails are awesome.”  said Marco Sandoval. “We just rode ‘em the other day and we noticed it was very, very smooth and because of that we were able to go farther than we’ve ever been able to go.”

Sixteen miles of improved Bosque Trail - biker bliss and hiker heaven.

Remember, in the Bosque - no fires, no fireworks and no smoking.