Bernalillo County to vote on MDC overcrowding problem

Posted at: 05/14/2013 8:28 AM
Updated at: 05/14/2013 8:29 AM
By: Erica Zucco, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Bernalillo County commissioners will address a proposal that could at least temporarily solve the overcrowding problem at the Metropolitan Detention Center.

According to the county, the jail currently averages 2530 inmates at any given time in 2013- about 13 percent above building capacity. The federal court, as a result of a lawsuit, has directed the county to reduce population to capacity or lower immediately.

MDC is working with courts and public defenders on long-term solutions, but an immediate fix is also needed. The proposal claims the only feasible option at this time is to house inmates at other facilities, reducing by about 300 inmates.

The proposal would send more inmates to Corrections Corporation of America in Estancia and Cibola County, and would allow the county manager to set up contracts with Sandoval County, NM Department of Corrections in Los Lunas, and Littlefield Texas. The cost per day per inmate would average $60, meaning the proposal would cost the county $613,700 for the rest of 2013 and $6.8 million for FY2014. Some of that money is already allocated.

They'll discuss the issue Tuesday night at 5pm in the Vincente Griego chambers. The item is awhile down on the agenda.