Local business subject of several complaints

Posted at: 05/15/2013 6:39 PM
Updated at: 05/15/2013 6:41 PM
By: Maria Guerrero, KOB Eyewitness News 4


The Better Business Bureau of Albuquerque gives a local cell phone shop an ‘F,’ but it’s still in business.

The BBB’s website shows 13 complaints in the past three years from unhappy Golden Torch Customers. Those frustrated customers contacted KOB Eyewitness News 4.

They’ve also gotten Albuquerque police involved.

"Your account could not be validated"

That’s what Mario Maestas hears every time he tries to make a call on his new phone.

Maestas claims he has gotten the run-around at Golden Torch on Central Avenue since March.

"He keeps on telling people ‘yeah I'll have your phone in an hour, I'll have your phone in an hour, give me an hour, come back tomorrow’ and I'll do the same thing and nothing gets done," said Maestas.

Maestas said messy receipts he has collected show he’s out at least $360 dollars.

He first took another phone to get fixed and programmed to work on his Cricket account. Maestas said he hasn’t gotten the phone back since March.

He said the man who now runs the store gave him a phone, but it doesn’t work either.

A man at the store quickly ran to the back and refused to talk to KOB-TV. He said he only sells cars at Golden Torch. As soon as we left, he locked the door.

Outside we met Bianca Valencia who took her phone to Golden Torch two months ago to be programmed. She too said she hasn’t gotten it back. Valencia said she’s desperate to get it back it has pictures of her baby being born.

“I said: I'm going to call the cops already because they have my property and they have my money because I already paid for the first month," Valencia said she was going to tell the store. After being locked out, Valencia was let in. We caught up with her after she left the store.Turns out, the man who told us he only sells cars, helped her.

"He gave me a refund because I've been waiting for two months. And he just said I'll pick it up tomorrow," said Valencia.

When asked whether she thinks she’ll get her phone on Thursday, she replied, “probably not."