Manzano High graduate earns highest GPA in APS history

Posted at: 05/17/2013 6:08 PM
Updated at: 05/17/2013 6:40 PM
By: Briana Morfin

Manzano High School's valedictorian Katherine Cordwell earned a 5.0 grade point average, the highest GPA in Albuquerque Public School history.

Cordwell will graduate with 36 high school credits and 19 college credits, tomorrow from Manzano High. She only needed 25 credits to graduate, but she earned 19 dual-enrollment credits from the University of New Mexico.

She took 20 honors and Advanced Placement classes during her middle and high school years. Her hard work is being awarded with nearly half a million dollars in scholarships.

Cordwell plans to attend the University of Maryland and major in math.

Katherine Cordwell is the daughter of Bill and Rosemary Cordwell, and is the youngest child. Cordwell's older siblings were also valedictorians at Manzano.

“We know that much of the success of our students is attributed to the support they get from home,” APS Superintendent Winston Brooks said. “Our hats are off to the Cordwells and to the parents of all of our successful APS high school graduates.”