Thousands petition to support transgender high school student

Posted at: 05/19/2013 9:55 PM
Updated at: 05/19/2013 10:41 PM
By: Shaun Griswold,

A transgender student at St. Pius High School has received international support in his battle to wear boy’s gown at his graduation.

Damian Garcia want’s to war the black robe offered to boys instead of the white robe girls wear during the ceremony.

School officials told him he has to wear white since his birth certificate shows he is a girl.

People from all over the world have signed a petition to push the school school to allow him to wear a black gown.

"I have no words for it, the only words I can say are thank you because there's just I'm so blown away by all of it,” Garcia said.

The petition will be delivered to the Santa Fe Dioceses Archbishop on Monday.

A final decision is expected after a meeting with Archbishop Michael Sheehan.

St. Pius holds its graduation on Wednesday. Garcia said he will refuse to walk if he is not allowed to wear a black robe along with the rest of his male classmates.