Swimmers ignore efforts to keep drinking water pure

Posted at: 05/27/2013 5:54 PM
By: Ashley McElroy, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Here at Farmington Lake, swimming isn’t allowed.

People have been banned from swimming here for several years because this lake is the city's drinking water supply.

The city wants to keep it as clean as possible.

Signs are posted all around the lake saying no swimming, but that doesn't stop visitors from getting in the lake.

Some people we talked to would like the policy to change.

"We would love to take a canoe or the john boat or something like that and go around with the kids,” said Genevieve Willis. “I grew up by the ocean and so I really miss that experience and wish my kids could experience that too."

The lake is opened to fishers and some of them like the idea of keeping the lake swim free.

"It's ‘cause it's the city's drinking water and there are whirlpools and stuff that people can get sucked into," said Paul Smith.  

Farmington police say park rangers and animal control work together to patrol the lake, but while we were out we didn't see any patrols.

A group of swimmers we talked to today said they have been warned several times to stay out of the lake, but that won’t stop them from coming to the lake. 

The lake is also closed to boats because the city doesn’t want the reservoir to get mussel contamination.