Ugly dog competing for title

Posted at: 05/28/2013 5:47 PM
Updated at: 05/29/2013 7:05 AM
By: Ashley McElroy, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Addie might not be much to look at, but her owner doesn't care.

"She's pretty special to us," said Addie’s owner, Melissa Salyers.

Melissa said this is the best Addie's looked. Addie was a stray when Melissa adopted her two years ago.

"Her fur was falling out and she was obviously malnourished," she said.

Today, Addie is happy and healthy, but she still isn't very pretty. But Melissa has used that to Addie's advantage.

Two years ago, Addie won a local ugly dog contest, and Melissa thinks Addie can take her looks to the next level.

"I saw this thing in the paper where the world's ugliest dog had passed away and he looked just like her," she said.

Unlike traditional dog competitions, this one highlights quirks and oddities that some people would shy away from, but that doesn't make these dogs less lovable.

"You don't have to have a perfect dog to have a good dog and they're the ones who tend to be overlooked at the shelter because you look at them and go 'ew,'" said Melissa.

At stake is $1,500 grand prize. Melissa says there's some stiff competition, but thinks Addie has a good chance.

"Look at her face. I just love her little face."

A face that hopefully judges think is downright ugly.

If you’d like to vote for Addie, there’s a link to the World’s Ugliest Dog Contest on our 4Links page