Urban gamer legend could soon be put to rest

Posted at: 06/03/2013 6:50 PM
By: Lauren Hansard, KOB Eyewitness 4

It’s a myth in the video game industry that almost 30 years ago, nine truckloads of Atari video games were dumped in Alamogordo.

Joe Lewandowski, the landfill owner in 1983 said, “Semi truck loads.  We’re not talking van size, we’re talking semis.”

Now Fuel Entertainment, a film company based in Canada, is going to dig up the landfill to prove the myth once and for all.

And the City of Alamogordo has given the green light.

Susie Galea, Alamogordo Mayor said, “We feel that it’s time that the legend be put to bed.  That the urban legend be found out whether it’s fact or fiction.”

“It’s quite an interesting story on the internet.  You’ll find numerous stories all over the world from China to Spain to England to the United States.  Everybody is talking about ‘The Atari Dump’ as they call it out here.”

Now the city is waiting on a $25,000 security deposit from Fuel Entertainment.  From there the company has six months to dig up the truth.

We reached out to the company to see when they expect the digging to begin and have not heard back.  We will continue to follow the story.