Copper thieves hit Roswell museum

Posted at: 06/04/2013 7:19 PM
By: Lauren Hansard, KOB Eyewitness 4

There was record breaking heat in Roswell, a high of 105 degrees today. Not a good time to have your air conditioner stolen, but that’s what’s happening in Roswell.  Thieves are after the copper and for some relief.

Maintenance workers at the Roswell Museum and Art Center found $3,000 worth of damage to an air conditioning unit at their annex.

Randy Creighton, Maintenance Supervisor, said, "They had taken some bolt cutters and cut the electricity off with the power still on."

They stole one of the air conditioning units over the weekend, then came back on Tuesday and did more damage to the remaining unit.

“This morning we went by to check on it to see if it was okay, and somebody came by and took the cover off the electrical panel," said Creighton.

At St. Paul Church an air conditioner disappeared over the weekend and Clarence Scott broke a sweat after two of his air conditioners were ripped out of his windows.

Police said when temperatures get this high,  they notice people stealing to stay cool.

Sabrina Morales, Roswell Police Public Information Officer said, "It’s definitely because of the heat. It is getting hotter, summer is approaching.  Theirs may have broken, they may be trying to sell it.  Lots of different reasons as to why they are being stolen."

Now the museum is faced with thousands of dollars in damage.

"We're talking about getting some cameras installed, some more lighting, and putting a new one there," said Creighton.