New mural turning heads

Posted at: 06/07/2013 6:28 PM
By: Whitney Jones

A new mural in Albuquerque’s International District near Central and Louisiana is stopping people in their tracks.

Every move, every stroke is made with as much passion as precision. Fernando Corona says his creation celebrates what and who make New Mexico unique.

"[New Mexico is] different from Arizona or California where they are not as much attached as their history and here you get a sense of that," said Corona.

The Mexican artist is also bringing new life to a 16-unit apartment building on Chico Rd. off Central Ave.

The street artist who’s traveled the world met one of the owners of the apartment a while back. The owner is an art writer in Los Angeles.

Corona agreed to leave his mark in the Duke City.

“I'm hoping that this is sort of our little corner and as we fix it up I hope it kind of spreads out in the area," said co-owner of the building Philip Valdez.

The mural covers almost all of the wall which is 30x50ft.

"I think it's beautiful," said Rebecca Proffitt who lives nearby. "I think it really adds to the character of the neighborhood." 

“It's nice," said Rey Lopez, who stopped by on his bike."Nice to see something - it's a change you know, beautiful change from all the graffiti and all that."

The mural called “Kids Play” shows children with Mexican masks sharing Halloween candy. Corona hopes it inspires unity.

"And even though we are different in many ways like the things that we love and like are the same," said Corona.

Proffitt agrees.

"If we show our pride for both our culture, for ourselves we can also show some understanding and maybe get some more love and peace and understanding going on the in the world today," she said.

And what better place to start than Albuquerque’s International District. Corona will be in Albuquerque until Sunday. His next commissioned mural will be in Tijuana, Mexico.