Dead trees concern Albuquerque resident

Posted at: 06/09/2013 10:40 PM
Updated at: 06/09/2013 11:02 PM
By: Nikki Ibarra, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Some southeast Albuquerque residents are concerned they may be living near a tinderbox.

Dead trees along a busy road are so dry and so dead, some worry they can spark a fire at any moment.

Every day Margie Rothchild waits for the city bus on San Mateo and Gibson Boulevard, and every day she sees almost a dozen dead pine trees.

“There’s no life to them and [there’s] a lot of dead trees surrounding them, and it’s very dangerous. Albuquerque’s dry enough. We don’t need any fires,” said Rothchild, who lives near the intersection.

Rothchild is worried the trees will catch on fire and spread, mostly because of what she sees people do next to these trees.

“People are smoking at the bus bench which is right around the corner there, and there’s a lot of dead trees here and we have a lot of wind here,” added Rothchild.

Because one spark could set the trees and anything around in ablaze.

Rothchild said she wants the city to do something about them.

KOB Eyewitness News 4 made some calls and got the ball rolling.

KOB talked to a person from the city’s Parks and Recreation department and they assured us someone will look at the trees this week.

“It’s not going to take much for these trees to go poof, bye,” said Rothchild.

If you see dead trees in your neighborhood, the city wants you to call 311 so they can take a look at the problem before it turns into a dangerous situation.