Levi Chavez trial on hold

Posted at: 06/17/2013 10:13 AM
Updated at: 06/17/2013 11:21 AM
By: The Associated Press

Levi Chavez
Levi Chavez

BERNALILLO, N.M. (AP) - Testimony in a trial of a former Albuquerque police officer accused of killing his wife is scheduled to resume as more investigators are expected to take the stand.
The second week of Levi Chavez's murder trial will start Monday and prosecutors will try to poke holes in his story that he found his 26-year-old wife, Tera Chavez, dead at the couple's Los Lunas home in 2007.
Prosecutors say Chavez shot his wife with his department-issued gun and then tried to make her death look like a suicide. Prosecutors also argue that Chavez killed his wife partly to cover up an insurance fraud case concerning his stolen truck.
But his defense lawyer says Chavez is a victim of bad policing and poor media coverage from that evening.
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