APD investigates murder

Posted at: 06/23/2013 6:06 PM
Updated at: 06/23/2013 10:51 PM
By: Maria Guerrero KOB Eyewitness News 4

An Albuquerque woman is back in her home tonight after being questioned in the shooting death of her boyfriend. 

Her family admits she shot him, but says it was for a good reason. 

Police are not naming anyone involved. 

But they say this is a domestic violence case. 

We were there, as the woman questioned and released came back home, accompanied by family and friends and under a blanket. 

The woman police questioned in the shooting death of her boyfriend walks back into the home where the shooting happened hours earlier. 

Her mother Helen says the shooting was in self-defense, “My daughter was hit and struck by this man and she had to defend herself and she shot him because he hit her.” 

Police got to the house on Zena Lona Street in Northeast Albuquerque at around 10:30am. 

They found a man shot dead inside. 

And officers interviewed his girlfriend for hours.

After being stuck at home for much of the day, some neighbors are rallying around the single mother of four. 

“It's sad that it happened to such a good family,” said Ashley Bostick. 

Down the street, neighbor Jimmy Hall also remembers  the womans boyfriend, “This man go to the grocery store, go get groceries walking and walk back to the house that's what type of man what I saw. I didn't see no hoodlum or nothing. He didn't look like a bad guy.” 

The woman’s mother says, this is a case of domestic violence, "It's been going on for a while but she reached a point to where this is what it lead to." 

KOB has also heard allegations that the boyfriend abused the woman’s young daughter. 

APD says they will not comment until they talk to every witness.  We are told children were in the house at the time of the shooting. 

The woman is free tonight and has not been charged with anything, but she could later be charged by the district attorney.