Alumni pay tribute to retired choir director

Posted at: 06/24/2013 10:44 PM
By: Steve Mieczkowski,

One teacher can touch so many lives.

After learning their former choir director retired, alumni of Farmington high school wanted to get band members together to show their favorite teacher just how much they care.

When John Peed started teaching choir at Farmington high in the 70's he wanted to revamp the program

"I'm kind of weird anyway and so I decided I wanted something wild,” he said.

He renamed the choir, The Scorpion Hollering Band, and taught there for 14 years.

Then he moved to Georgia in the 90's, before retiring two years ago.

When word got around to his former Farmington students, the idea for a reunion sparked.

"And so I said if you guys want to put it together then I'll do it," Peed said. 

More than 80 former students have now traveled from all across the country to do what they loved the most in high school, sing.

These alumni say Mr. Peed was a major influence in their life, and they all have a special place in their hearts for their choir 'family.'

"When we walked into this room we were a cohesive unit we were a family and we all were given that boost in our lives," said Sally Cowgill.

Melanie Moore says she took the lessons she learned from Mr. peed and applied them to her own teaching career.

"I have very high expectations for my students and i think when we set high expectations, students will rise to meet that."

And not only did john peed have high expectations for his students, he also had a lot of respect for them.

And it's that respect that bought this family back together.

The reunion concert will be held Sunday at the Farmington Civic Center. Tickets are five dollars and all the proceeds go to benefit the music program at the Farmington schools.