What happened to Ronnie Daniels?

Posted at: 06/25/2013 9:29 PM
Updated at: 06/25/2013 10:39 PM
By: J.P. Murrieta, KOB Eyewitness Sports 4

Former La Cueva star Ronnie Daniels looked like the can't miss kid.  Since his YAFL days in New Mexico, he dominated the competition on the football field.  Nothing or no one could catch him.  In high school, Daniels set state records for career rushing yards and touchdowns.  He was one of the best running backs to ever play high school ball in the Land of Enchantment.  Now the Ronnie Daniels story took a weird and wrong turn.

Daniels was arrested Sunday on a burglary charge.  According to the police report, Daniels was found naked in a bathtub of a northeast heights home that was not his own.  Daniels told police he did not know the residents and did not have permission to enter the house.  Daniels also said the door was unlocked and once inside he "felt comfortable as though he belonged there so he went upstairs to take a bath."  Daniels was arrested after police chased him down the street.  When he left the house, he took with him a remote from the radio he was using in their home.

It's a sad tale of wasted talent.  Out of high school, Daniels was recruited by multiple schools.  He eventually decided to play football for Texas Tech.  Daniels played only one game for the Red Raiders and was kicked off the squad for multiple violations of team rules.  He then planned to play for Rocky Long at San Diego State but recently told AztecSports.com he was quitting football.

"All I have to say is sorry to all my fans and family," Daniels told the site via text message. "I know it is hard for you to see me not pursue an athletic career. At the end of the day I have to do what’s best for me. The time I sat out I had adapted and acquired a unique set of skills that I plan to use for everyone’s benefit. Although the game is fun, it is definitely time to set aside childish things and help everyone progress."

Just days before his arrest, Daniels wrote a lengthy apology for his recent behavior.  On June 20th, Daniels posted the following on his Facebook page:

The first year I Left home I failed 7 drug tests for smoking weed and 1 for codeine. I knew what to what not to do and still I did it. Anyways, It was entirely my fault that TTU 2011 season was a fail where nobody achieved what was expected to happen that year. I had to withdraw from the fall season in order to stay at TTU and still be on the team. I went to rehab for the game that I had loved and was retaught what is humanly right for a person and how they should act and even think of themselves. Retaught What you should and should not put in your body. came out of rehab with a new out look on Life.. . With having used up all of my resources on rehab, scholarships taken away, and not even having anything to start with but the passion for the game and a few handy material items that were holding me down.
In order to keep the dream alive,.. I I had to give up son...To bring a son into a heavenly situation instead of a devilish one. It was and still is really my only intention. With the new acquired mindset relative to Rehab, I was No longer the Son of God or even an angel that assists GOD but viewed as Man or the villain that disrupts businessman business. I had to rebuild relationships that that in my eyes should have never needed rebuilding. I really thought that you could dictate my reputation. So I started from scratch. I had to rebuild myself all over again, according to the system I was in. So I put my Rock in their hands trusting that if I at least give them the rock for a little, they would hand it back. While I was on top of everything the following spring including;grades, meetings, and you already know my game. Only difference was I had no emotion because I felt it was the only way I could happily please you(BIGBUSINESS) while still loving the game. the one emotions I kept was LOVE for the people and for ones that treated me with love back., when in doubt it kept me extremely humbled and also motivated. 1 more slip up was all it took!!! . Knowing I couldn't make a mistake, I smoked once more over spring break. Came back, Performed and was gone the day spring ball ended. My mindset after that, was to not Play Football at ALL. lifework ruined..
I had a few routes I could choose from. Which would have been great opportunities. with no money or desire to play anywhere. the route i should have taken was to BE with my family and people who know me.Home.
When the 2nd opportunity of playing football arose, I was hesitant. Went to a place in the fall trusting a new set of Coaches with the ball. But it was over before it was even started by miss communication along with the desire to not play. Going through an endless cycle of tests and journeys, I knew they were irrelevant to why I was originally there..having no resources to barley keep me standing, I had to had to give up another son.. I told myself that I was no longer going to take any test or exam because there was no real point to prove or disprove a teachers philosophies just because you were able to absorb knowledge that is half true. It wasn't my job to enlighten and bring up the past. But to find the concepts and intentions. While counting on the aid of school to help me acquire the books I needed to refer back too. ONLY because they Go by the BOOK.. But just like the rock, I passed the school the ball and was expecting to get financial aid in return. It came way to late(mid april),and was not what was enough to help get not even one book. The girl I was with emptied out her wallet and her families to help me acquire the education I needed to continue my football path. Not Knowing my full intentions. It was time for the teachers and students to take take the test that I gave. that was me to become the tester and you the tested. To listen,not to the message they preached but to find the intentions of why they were teaching this in schools.

As I listened and observed, I realized this is more brainwashing than learning because of how much time it consumed and realizing they had sour intentions when teaching the message. When really the teachers went to class with the same intentions of the student but more eager to see what the student really knows. They could not even justify where they got answers and part of it was due to important times in history where they intentionally left out. My sherlock instincts kicked in and i started thinking on my own. Walking on my own, studying on my own. to acquire all knowledge that is true and to reject things I know are not true or even half true. It was pointless to continue to take time to specialize and take tests that would send me in a cycle of school where I would literally be playing catch up the entire time. sorting out the real and getting facts, but always keeping the what they taught not as wrong but but just not right. A different perspective. In my eyes, it wasn't logical to speak in class because if I did, then I am the one that starts the Riot of an revolution they want to happen. Many people invested in me to continue and and help me get out to in San Diego for football. Esp. my girl and family who gave up a lot of money to see this work. I Rejected the people in my family and knew that would not catch me when I fall. Definitely hurt them the most. While seeing both sides hurt drastically because of my decisions. To tell it half way true HURTS. To not let anyone know what my true intentions were, but always told my family bits and pieces of future plans without them knowing and leaving them a vague space for them to fill in the answers HURTS. and how much it hurt AND effected all of us including me. Because I had to do it behind closed doors and hurting at the same time. Meeting everybody and and really giving them 2 sides of me and seeing how people reacted. I accumulated so much knowledge for my own good. But could see how this knowledge could help everybody!!! 2FAST2ME but I learned it gradually. step by step walked in my FATHERS shoes and asked him to show me the way.. HE DID..Must been on the right path so I knew I had to keep going. My father is the only one who told me to adjust and not to let anyone know what my plans were but to observe where all it applied to. and to not let their emotions get in the way because I was told that emotions were part of the problem only because they never knew truth and answers could be so easy. for a brief is an emotion. Do NOT let it kill your cycle! Don't hang on to grudges or emotions as it sets us back in time. And he promised me he would because I understood the truth and I continued to ask Him who is a reflection of ME. SO HE guideS me step by step. All i can say is Thank You and Sorry.. BUT I PROMISE IT WILL GET BETTER

What prompted Daniels to write such a long summary of his recent actions?  He ended his posting with "I promise it will get better", yet the opposite happened.

I've seen falls from stardom before.  Former Cibola/Valley/Rio Grande standout Ed Abreu was wanted by several Division One colleges for his athletic skill.  He too looked like a can't miss kid.  He would later go on to an arrest for DUI after breaking into a church.

It goes to show you that you never know how a story is going to end.  Who knows what's wrong with Daniels?  What once looked like the beginning of a career in football for the La Cueva star turned into a break-in and a mugshot.  The same kid who used to avoid defenders at will now has bigger problems to tackle.