San Juan County starts repeat offender site

Posted at: 06/26/2013 6:43 PM
By: Ashley McElroy, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Deputies say they're committing crimes over and over again, but now the San Juan County Sheriff's Department is fighting back.

It's all about introducing the accused criminals to the community.

The list of crimes goes on and on... but the San Juan county sheriff's department says many times the crimes are committed by the same person.

"We are too tied up with repeat offenders again and again and again, and we can't get to those individuals who need help once or twice in their life," said Sheriff Ken Christensen. 

The sheriff’s department wants those accused criminals to know they're being watched.

Volunteers with the department have launched an online page, "offender watch"

It includes a detailed list of repeat offenders in San Juan County that anyone in the community can look at.

"To me it would be embarrassing, by word of mouth 'hey look on the web page your mug is on there,'" said volunteer, Toni Ontis.

Even though this information is already public knowledge, you need to know exactly who and what to look up. The goal for the website is to make an easy to understand list all on one spot.

Some think it's a good way to make everyone aware of their surroundings.

"If there is somebody in the neighborhood that's possibly been arrested for burglary or other things I think we should be aware of that," said Farmington resident Shanna Beard.

The sheriff's department hopes if there are more eyes on these guys, maybe they'll think twice before breaking the law again.

To see the full list of repeat offenders, click here.