Water starts flowing again in Magdalena

Posted at: 06/27/2013 6:35 PM
By: Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4

The water is running again in Magdalena, the central New Mexico town where the well ran dry in early June, but the crisis isn’t over.

Yes, water spurts from the faucets in the village of about 1,000 people – but there’s not much of it and the future is pretty iffy.  The sign on the village hall front door says “This is still a crisis” and they got that right.

“We have some water in our lines,” said village mayor Sandy Julian. “People are thinking that we’re dry completely. We’re not. We have some water. We don’t have as much as we used to. We’re only pumping 50,000 gallons a day.”

That’s about one quarter of what they used to pump in Magdalena. The well that dried up now has some water trickling back into it and the little cow town is open for business again.

There are still porta-potties all over town.

“This whole thing, you’re living with it, picking up your plastic bottled water,” said village homeowner Matt Middleton. “You just realize how much plastic is going into this entire system within the landfills. Everything from this nightmare – it’s really something!”

Rehab work on an old village well is expected to start next week, then engineers plan to re-drill the well that’s providing a trickle now. But Magdalena is not out of the woods yet. Ranchers with private wells in the area report falling water levels. It’s the extreme drought – now entering its third straight summer with no end in sight.