Levi Chavez's mother, former APD partner testify in murder trial

Posted at: 07/02/2013 1:41 PM
Updated at: 07/02/2013 1:53 PM
By: Elizabeth Reed, KOB.com

Tears spilled in the courtroom Tuesday as the mother of accused killer Levi Chavez took the stand.

Rita Romero told jurors she knew her son and daughter-in-law had problems, but said Chavez never spoke harshly of his wife, Tera.

She said she told Chavez to go back to Tera and his kids when he cheated, but that now, she wishes she hadn't.

Chavez's former APD partner, Russell Perea, also took the stand Tuesday after he was granted immunity for his testimony.

Perea is accused of lying about Chavez's whereabouts the night Tera was found shot to death. On the stand, Perea said he was scared for his job after a three hour meeting with Detective Aaron Jones.

Perea said he was fired from APD for untruthfulness, but the Albuquerque Personnel Board voted last year to give him his job back.

The city is still fighting to allow Perea to return to the police department.

The trial is ongoing. Follow live updates from KOB Eyewitness News 4's courtroom reporter on Twitter: @JosephLeeLynch

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