Bear captured in NE Heights

Posted at: 07/02/2013 8:07 PM
By: Nikki Ibarra, KOB Eyewitness News 4

People who live in one Northeast Heights neighborhood got quite the shock Tuesday after a bear got stuck in a tree.

“I looked up and I saw something dark,” said Loretta Aragon, who called in the sighting.

That something dark was a nearly 150 pound, 2 year-old female bear. A bear that attracted more than a dozen neighbors.

Aragon saw the bear in her neighbor's tree while on a walk with her dog. “I was hearing some crackling, maybe of branches. I thought someone was doing yard work,” Aragon said.

“It was a big, brown furry thing, and its face kind of looked like a dog, but it was definitely a bear,” another neighbor, Sarah Chew, said.

New Mexico Game and Fish officials have been looking for this bear for the past couple of weeks. “People have seen it on Big Horn Ridge. It’s been going through trash cans. This bear, we had never been able to locate it until today,” said John Martsh with New Mexico Game and Fish.

Martsh was in the middle of it all. He tranquilized the bear. But still, getting her down turned out to be extremely difficult, he said.

Martsh had to use a ladder to get to the bear. “It was a concern when I was pulling it. It was going to roll on top of me on the ladder, so I had to actually push it instead,” Martsh said.

Finally, after about an hour of trying to get her down and weeks of trying to find her, they finally got her.

The bear’s next stop is Santa Fe National Forest.