Medieval barony celebrating tenth anniversary

Posted at: 07/05/2013 6:59 PM
By: Ashley McElroy, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Modern technology makes 2013 a good year to live in, but a group in the Four Corners area likes to get together and reenact what they think life was like in 1313. 

Just north of Aztec you'll find the Barony of Fontaine Dans Sable, a French phrase that means brown fountain in the woods, in the Kingdom of the Outlands.

This weekend, re-enactors are celebrating the barony's tenth anniversary of existence.

"That meanswe’re able to have our own baron and baroness and give awards out and really honor the people in our little group that make a difference,” said the honorable Lady Evain MaCrae, the Seneschal of Fontaine Dans Sable.

The barony has a population of almost 100 members. They get together to practice things like melee fighting, fencing, archery and medieval period arts and science activities.

"The majority of the things the re-enactors bring to camp they make themselves, and it takes a lot of time and dedication.

"They showed me how to build armor and I started building swords and knives and I’ve never put it down since," said Sir Tam MacGrim, Knight for the Kingdom of the Outlands.

What keeps everyone coming back is the camaraderie they find in each other. Their society was created on three precepts, honor, courtesy and chivalry.

"being a knight it’s not about the fighting it's about your honor and chivalry conducting yourself service to the outlands service to you kingdom," said MacGrim.

And it's the service to each other that keeps this barony running.