Police name knife-wielding man killed by officer

Posted at: 07/06/2013 6:28 PM
Updated at: 07/06/2013 7:19 PM
By: Mike Anderson, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Albuquerque police say they shot and killed 67 year old Vincent Wood last night.

Albuquerque police are looking for witnesses after an officer-involved-shooting that began with a man wielding knives in Northeast Albuquerque last night.

Police say that at 7:39pm Friday night, a security guard from the Montgomery Crossing shopping center called them. He said two teens were threatened by a man who looked to be 60 years old who was yielding butcher knives.

At that time, APD sent two officers to 4601 San Mateo, which maps out to Hooters. Then, the officers were provided with information that the man had moved to the Circle K Parking lot down the street. One officer felt she recognized the suspect by his description as someone she’d dealt with before.

“He was a male she had dealt with prior,” APD Chief Ray Schultz said, “Who was suffering from mental health issues.”

She called that out and a crisis intervention training officer “self-responded.” As he was on his way, the first of the two officers called got to the scene.

"He was immediately charged upon by the black male who was armed with the knives,” Schultz said.

Police say he tried to get away, but the suspect kept lunging. That’s when the second officer got there and fired her gun at the suspect multiple times. She fired the shots just before the CIT officer got there. The suspect was brought to UNM hospital and was pronounced dead.

"Very unfortunate event,” Schultz said. “Fortunately for us, the officers are both safe, and we'll continue processing the scene."

Police say they won’t release any other information until Monday at the earliest. The Police Oversight Commission’s Independent Review Office and the District Attorney’s office did have representatives on scene Friday night.

A check of court records show that Wood had two criminal cases in district court. 

A 2006 charge for battery and a 2011 charge for robbery. 

Both charges were dropped by the prosecution.

The battry charge was dropped when Wood was found incompetent to stand trial.