Closing arguments expected in Levi Chavez trial

Posted at: 07/11/2013 7:21 AM
Updated at: 07/11/2013 7:24 AM
By: Nikki Ibarra and Elizabeth Reed, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Closing arguments in the murder trial of the former Albuquerque police officer accused of killing his wife are expected to start Thursday.

Yesterday, jurors heard from Chavez as he took the stand in his own defense. His testimony marked one month since the trial began in Sandoval County.

Chavez was emotional as he explained his version of his relationship with his wife, Tera, and admitted infidelities with different women.

He said marital problems began a year into the marriage, and he described many fights with his wife, including a lot of yelling and even claimed she threatened to hurt herself "countless times". But, he said Tera would always call him to come home.

“I always went back,” he said.

Chavez cried as he described finding his wife's dead body in October of 2007.

"I felt shame, I felt like God was telling me, ‘this is all your fault, this is all your fault,’” he said.

When Chavez’s attorney, David Serna, asked if he killed his wife, Chavez replied, “Absolutely not.”

But when it was the prosecution’s turn to ask the questions, the courtroom got heated.

District attorney Bryan McKay interrupted Chavez numerous times, and Chavez appeared angry.

“Can I talk to my jury?” Chavez responded. “Can I speak to my jury? Can I speak to my jury?”

The defense and prosecution may continue questioning Chavez this morning, but it’s also possible both sides could give closing arguments.