USA Roller Sports National Championships kick off in Albuquerque

Posted at: 07/14/2013 5:44 PM
Updated at: 07/14/2013 5:46 PM
By: Jeffery Gordon,

The USA Roller Sports National Championships kicked off in Albuquerque on Sunday.

Speed Skating, rink hockey and figure skating competitions got underway.

The event is free to the public.

It is all happening at the east hall of the Albuquerque Convention Center.

“It’s fun, there's a lot of different teams, experiencing a lot of different levels,” says visitor Nick Stauffer of Texas.

Officials Estimate the Championships will bring in about 4,000 athletes, coaches and spectators to Albuquerque.

An estimated six to nine million dollars is expected to be spent in Albuquerque by visitors during the course of the event.

The event runs through August 4 at the convention center.

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