Mechanic arrested after niece wrecks woman's car on drunken joy ride

Posted at: 07/14/2013 8:15 PM
Updated at: 07/14/2013 10:43 PM
By: Jeffery Gordon,

An Albuquerque man landed in jail on Sunday, after police say he let his niece take a car he was supposed to be doing mechanical work on.

Judas Barela was in court Sunday morning on charges of embezzlement of a vehicle.

Court records show a woman left her car with Barela then went out of town.

Police say she told them Barela had done mechanical work for her before.

When she returned she told police she learned Barela’s niece had wrecked her car while driving drunk.

Barela admitted to police he had given his niece the keys to the car.

Barela says he did not know she was going to be drinking.