Swastikas spray painted on several houses

Posted at: 07/16/2013 5:49 PM
By: Stuart Dyson, KOB Eyewitness News 4

Someone has a heart full of hate or a sick sense of humor or maybe both.

Police are looking for leads after a tagger splattered an Albuquerque neighborhood with symbols of racial and religious bigotry.

This isn't about some mouth-breather with a can of spray paint and a grudge against the world; it's about a neighborhood that just won't let words of hate stand out in the light of day.

We're not going to show you the swastikas; the neighbors already took care of that, painting over the Nazi symbols before power washing them off the garage doors, mailboxes and walls of three houses.

Ditto for the words – you're heard them before – racial slurs aimed at African-Americans and Jews. That's what woke neighbors up Tuesday morning and they didn't hesitate.

"These are my neighbors and that's not even their house, so that's how Doug over here and my other neighbor - they came out to help - they did the same thing to the other house that had eight swastikas on the garage door just a few minutes ago," Curtis Lombardi said.

"'Course, right across here they had the N word - we got that cleaned off anyway – 'course down the street they're still on there but it's just a shame - why do they do this - I just don't know - I just don't know," Jack Guidry said.

Neighbors wonder if it had something to do with the verdict in the George Zimmerman case or some other issue, only the tagger knows that, but he'd better think twice about coming back.

"So this is a neighborhood where people help each other - we're not out here trying to cause problems and we don't like stuff like this - so we're now into this maybe two hours - this will probably all be cleaned up in the neighborhood within three or four hours - we just don't want it here," Lombardi said.

It is a hate crime, the law books call it criminal damage to property along with criminal trespass charges, and it could amount to a lot of jail time and heavy fines if cops catch the tagger.